Our Approach

At Blumin we create, develop and nurture ideas, turning them into beautiful brands. We craft and design smart websites, create beautiful motion (and still!) graphics, bring illustrations to life through impactful animation, refresh and rethink brands, create printed materials.

“Blumin delivered a game–changing recruitment portal that helped cut our client’s on–boarding process in half.”

Kath Riley, MD
Douglas Scott Legal Recruitment

Our Approach

Depending where you stand on hyphens, we sum up what we do in 3 words – out-think, outshine, out-perform.

  • Out-think

    Every agency on the planet will tell you how they ask loads of deep and meaningful questions until they really get under the skin of your business.

    Yep, us too. Goes without saying really.

    Before we set about cracking your brief, we make sure you’re happy and prove we understand your brief, by asking you to sign-off ours. After all, great design is a 2-way street – client and agency on the same page.

    So yes, we ask questions. Enough to really grasp what needs doing, but not so many that we end up doing your head in! And to be fair, there are plenty of briefs that just need getting on with and sorting out, pronto.

    We’ve worked with all sorts of businesses – helping grow small ones bigger and big ones bigger still – across all sorts of sectors; manufacturing, legal, recruitment, insurance, utilities, hospitality, sport and loads more.

  • Outshine

    When we’re sure we’ve cracked it… when we’re at the point we’d bet our kids’ shoes we’ve got the best possible solution… we start crafting our technical solutions (ideas) into things of beauty.

    To give you an idea about what makes us tick’ we’re passionate about combining good design and clever technology to help our clients grow. It’s that simple.

  • Out-perform

    Every pound you spend with us has got to pay its way, and deliver a decent return. Thats what we’re after. Not just to prove our work works – but because we want you to spend more pounds with us, and tell all your friends how blumin good we are. Actually, that’s how we win more than half of our new business.

“From our first meeting to our present situation of being ready to launch the website we have been impressed with their design and content suggestions and we really feel that we now have a website that sets the standard, not only in the Town Council arena but for any public body.”

David Naylor – Town Clerk
Bollington Town Council


We design smart websites, beautiful motion graphics, and bring illustrations to life; we rethink brands, devise clever and effective advertising.

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Fundamentally changing and improving the way that our clients do business; through the implementation of innovative technical solutions.

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Strategic thinking and planning based on insight gained from research and a thorough knowledge of the industry.

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