Blumin produced an award winning 1 min 45 sec animation, including script writing, storyboard, animation, rendering, post production, editing, voice over recording with an emotive soundtrack.

Case Study:

Douglas Scott Animation


Douglas Scott Legal Recruitment is a client that understands the power and value of storytelling to their business. Especially as they’ve got a story so well worth telling.

In January 2014, to coincide with their tenth anniversary, Blumin were helping to plan the roll out of the client’s ambitious re-brand project.

However, besides a few talking head videos and some round table footage - albeit credible broadcast material - our client was missing some ‘hero’ moving image. So they commissioned our team to produce a video, with no preconceptions of what that might ultimately look like.

Graphically, Douglas Scott’s new brand mark - which Blumin also created - features a monogrammed map locator pin. To communicate our client’s highly targeted and ultra-efficient approach to placing accurately matched candidates to unique client needs, we developed the strapline ‘pinpoint positioning’.

“We sat down to watch the Premiere, and at the end, the team erupted with applause, and there were a few tears of pride after watching this emotive animation.”

Kath Riley, MD
Douglas Scott Legal Recruitment

The brief

Tell the Douglas Scott story – in less than 2 minutes!

The Idea

Our creative starting point for ‘One Giant Leap’ was the client’s standout vision:

To be the first legal recruitment specialist to place a lawyer on the moon! …which had already informed a ‘space-themed’ visual language.

Avoiding the ubiquitous kinetic typography that proliferates seemingly every sector - we aimed a little higher. A bit more epic. Using sweeping fly-through sequences, the action takes place in and around Douglas Scott’s ‘world of legal recruitment’.

Going forward – already thinking of the sequel! – the central globe and ‘surrounding universe’ provides a vertatile anchor, allowing us to create infinitely flexible locations, scenarios, relationships and messaging… both moving and still.


The illustrative footage was created in low polygon relief, animated and rendered in Cinema 4D with final post-production and output using After Effects.

The sequence was scripted and V/O’d by Adrian Bentley, Marketing Director as Douglas Scott - storyboarded and produced by John Smith, Creative Director at Blumin.

After submitting dozens of voiceover show-reels, ranging from RP to regional dialect to international accents, the client was adamant that Adrian’s voice, the one used on our rough read-through recording – originally just for timings – was ‘perfectly authentic’. We later recorded the V/O at The Voiceover Gallery.

The entire 1min 45sec animation was produced on a seriously modest budget of only £5k – including script, storyboard, animation & renders, recording studio fees and backing track.

To reveal the movie to Douglas Scott’s team we hired a private art house cinema (at Cornerhouse, Manchester) and premiered it with the red carpet treatment - popcorn, ices and all!


A staggering 19,000 views within the first 2 months of going live.


An animated movie that:

  • Tells a compelling, digestible and memorable brand story.
  • Delivers an effective ‘ice-breaker’ introduction for new business meetings and pitch scenarios.
  • Achieved almost 19k views in the first 2 months at
  • Although hard/impossible to prove unequivocally, has anecdotally contributed to Douglas Scott’s bottom line by making clients smile and connect with their brand.


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