We combined design and technology to help Douglas Scott win one of the UK’s largest legal services providers - making significant recruitment cost reductions and reducing time to hire by 90%.

Case Study:

Douglas Scott Online Recruitment Portal


Our client, Douglas Scott Legal Recruitment recently secured a landmark project that (we’d bet our bottom dollar) was, still is, the largest single contract in UK legal recruitment history. Corks obviously popped!

In order to deliver on a series of highly challenging targets – which included recruiting 600 staff within the first six months, and – as Master Vendor – managing a 2nd tier of recruitment partners – Blumin designed and developed a bespoke recruitment portal that delivered on its promise to save our client’s client lots of time, and lots and lots of money… while maintaining the highest levels of legal talent management.

To our client’s highly technical spec and demanding brief, Blumin designed and built a recruitment portal that has already delivered beyond its target efficiencies, savings and volumes.

“Blumin worked closely with Douglas Scott to understand our client’s unique and complex requirements and delivered a game–changing platform that helped reduce our client’s on–boarding time by more than 90%… in turn, delivering six figure cost savings into their business.””

Kath Riley, MD
Douglas Scott Legal Recruitment

Douglas Scott MVRP dashboard

The Brief

Douglas Scott Legal Recruitment needed a seriously robust, efficient and intuitive recruitment portal that was far more than a bog-standard online repository for vacancies and CVs.

They required a secure and sophisticated web application that would improve candidate flow by eliminating process blockages, reducing client’s HR administration time, removing duplicate candidates, allowing real-time status reporting for all hiring managers, and delivering tiered-access management information.

The Idea

The key features and benefits and of the system, which is supported by Blumin and hosted on UK Fast servers, include:

  • Scalable ‘Plug and Play’ solution
  • Intuitive, task driven recruitment process
  • Customisable workflow channel - right person for right task every time
  • Drastically reduces the number of administrative pain points, freeing up time for other important HR related tasks
  • HR manage overall recruitment campaign by retaining authority to offer 24/7 access through desktop or mobile devices
  • Eliminates candidate duplication and agency ‘cat fights’
  • Automatic diary management and interview arrangement
  • Real time reporting to identify bottlenecks in recruitment process with prompts to push through trigger points
  • Automated delivery of candidate post interview feedback and reasons for not taking up job offers
  • Quality control and management reports
  • Douglas Scott MVRP screen
  • The system has 125 current users including Douglas Scott Consultants, Blumin administrators, client users and Tier 2 recruitment partners
Douglas Scott MVRP screen

Real time reporting to identify bottlenecks in recruitment process with prompts to push through trigger points…


  • On boarding process: Portal has delivered 90% reduction in time to hire
  • Average CV-send to Offer Accept time: 9.63 days Vs pre-portal: 28 days – 300% improvement!
  • Estimated saving of £0000s due to time saving efficiencies
  • To date, the system has handled 2,000+ candidates
  • Douglas Scott has recently secured their second Master Vendor contract on the strength of this success

Reduction in time to hire.


Increased “CV Send” to “Offer Accepted” turnaround by 300%.


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