Case Study:

SWS UK - Bespoke Lead and CRM System


Blumin has been the lead agency for SWS UK since 2007 following a 5-way pitch for creative work. Having delivered on an extensive rebrand project as well as managing the complex creative requirements of the business, Blumin was asked to help SWS UK manage leads coming into the business and their allocation to SWS' distributor network.

Blumin was uniquely placed as both a creative and a technical agency to deliver a high specification, bespoke, web-based lead management system to transform the way that SWS UK manages and follows up leads.

SWS UK is the UK's leading manufacturer of physical security products, industrial doors, roller and sectional garage doors, awnings and roofing systems.

The Brief

SWS wanted the system to be a centralised database of enquiries that would also be able to allocate leads to distributors based on a number of criteria. The management team wanted an overview of leads coming into SWS as well as the ability to easily track their progress with distributors.

As with most of Blumin’s technical projects, the team spent time at the start of the project to understand SWS’ business processes and the relationships between end-users and their own customers.

The Idea

A bespoke lead system was designed to provide a centralised database for all customer enquiries directed to SWS UK for its range of products.

The system integrates with several lead-generation and sales websites and allows SWS' sales team to log enquiries received via phone or email. Each new enquiry is logged and automatically allocated to one of SWS' distributor network based on a scoring system which takes into consideration the customer’s locality and the nature of their request.

Once an enquiry is logged within the system; it follows a robust workflow that allows SWS UK to track and monitor its progress with the allocated distributor. Allowing them to maintain visibility of its progress and to ensure that the enquiry is dealt with accordingly.

As well as providing distributors with a CRM and sales funnel to help manage the enquiries they receive; the system provides key management information via 'live' dashboards and automated reporting.

The system itself is embedded within the core business application that Blumin have developed for SWS UK. It comprises of an API which allows the Lead System to integrate with both the SWS UK website and other third party websites and services.

The project took 4 months to complete and has been used routinely as part of SWS UK operations since August 2014.


By providing a consistent; centralised means of recording enquiries, the implementation of the leads system has improved the way that SWS manage leads. Some of the benefits to the business are:

  • Removed duplication of leads within various internal spreadsheets
  • Streamlined the process of recording and managing enquiries
  • Improved lead follow-up - increasing the likeliness of customers ordering an SWS product
  • Saved both time and money for the business, allowing capacity for growth

Colin Reoch, Managing Director at SWS UK commented,
“Since we have had the lead system in place we have had much better control over the flow and management of leads into SWS. The dashboard facility gives myself and the management team insight into the effectiveness of our distributors and how the enquiries that have been referred to them are progressing. The system will continue to be developed as an integral part of our business.”


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