We combined design and technology to help Douglas Scott win one of the UK’s largest legal services providers - making significant recruitment cost reductions and reducing time to hire by 90%.

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“Blumin delivered a game–changing recruitment portal that helped cut our client’s on–boarding process in half.”

Kath Riley, Managing Director
Douglas Scott Legal Recruitment

What is blumin technical?

Blumin Technical has fundamentally changed and improved the way that its clients do business. Through the implementation of innovative technical solutions we automate, steam-line and improve business processes; improving productivity, profitability and customer experience.

We combined design and technology to help Douglas Scott win one of the UK’s largest legal services providers - making significant recruitment cost reductions and reducing time to hire by 90%.

Technical innovation and SaaS Solutions
Process is everything.

  • Understand

    This is arguably the most important part of our process.

    It sounds obviously, but we like to start at the beginning; and for us, that means right at the beginning. We need to get to know your business/organisation, the markets it operates within, it’s purpose and how it operates.

    This may involve speaking to stakeholders, directors, managers and employees so we can truly understand what makes your business tick.

  • Interrogate

    Without exploring every avenue we could miss something important.

    We look at your current business processes and workflows to see where we can add value.

    Don’t worry – there’s no good cop bad cop routine.

  • Plan & Reflect

    Once we feel we’ve got all the pieces of the puzzle, we’ll plan out our approach and map out new workflows.

    We then hold these up to you to see if they accurately reflect your business both in terms of solving today’s problems and moving the business forward.

    With the best will in the world, there’s no such thing as the Perfect Plan. That’s why we employ a form of Agile Development, allowing us to react to unforeseen/additional functionality once the original planning stage has been completed.

  • Develop

    Once we’ve got all the necessary plans in place, we’ll start to develop your business application.

    When it's live, we’ll continue to support your business. Whether that’s through training, on-going maintenance or continued development.

Agile Development

Agile Development is an alternative methodology to traditional project management, used commonly in software development.

It’s a methodology which helps us to respond to unpredictability through incremental, iterative work cycles that we call ‘‘prints’.

Why Agile?

In short; because it allows us to change direction quickly if the needs of your business were to alter, part-way through a development project… allowing us to be commercially sensitive.

It provides opportunities to assess the direction of a project throughout the development lifecycle. This is achieved through regular activities of work we call ‘sprints’. At the end of each sprint, we are able to present a potentially shippable product increment for review.

By focusing on the repetition of these work cycles as well as the functional product that is produced at the end of them, we are able to re-evaluate the direction of a project, so there’s always time to steer it in another direction if top-level requirements change and our priorities need to be refocused elsewhere.

Agile Development Methodology

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Fundamentally changing and improving the way that our clients do business; through the implementation of innovative technical solutions.

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